martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Para su información

Aquí les dejo parte de un reporte de Jerry Golden que todos deben de leer y comprender. También unos videos para que vean la seriedad  del tema. El material es en inglés.

Extracto tomado del reporte: For your information por Jerry Golden

For the past few years I've been saying that Egypt now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood will play a big role in the next war with Israel. Syria along side Hezbollah in Lebanon will be the ones to kick off the fire works. What that means is Israel is caught between two very well armed enemies with Hamas in Gaza wanting to see this war begin right away. Russia in the mean time is building the alliance with Syria and Iran, placing Battle Ships and Aircraft Carriers in a Syrian Port. Turkey now finds itself in a situation not knowing what to do next, their flaky friendship with Iran and Syria has backfired on them. The Turkey Prime Minister has backed himself into a very dangerous corner knowing the majority of his people do not want to join the Arab attack on Israel and do not want to be involved with the Arab Pack.
It's not easy for the Western Mind to understand the motivation of the Islamic Arab World; they are driven by an evil religion that controls every aspect of their lives, the Iranian Shiite that now controls Lebanon via Hezbollah and the Syrian President Bashar Assad who is an Alawite in control of a Sunni majority, also Hamas in Gaza that depends on Iran for support. The Iranian arm of terror reaches around the world supplying terrorists with intelligence and weapons to destroy not only Israel but all that do not worship their evil god Allah.

Then we have al Qaida who keeps the US Military busy in Afghanistan while they take over northern Africa, killing Christians by the tens of thousands without as much as a complaint from the Church at large that has now gone into a coma and by all appearances seems to be brain dead or so involved in their self help, bless me club that they could care less about what is happening to millions of less fortunate Christians in their own back yard and around the world much less Israel. While Islam is marching across Europe and moving into the mainland of the US, with no fear of a Church that has lost its candle stick (Rev. 2:5) willing to play games with the Devil watching him do miracles as a form of Christian entertainment.
The Saudis (Wahhabi) who supplied 15 of the 19 terrorists of 911, now supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Gaza know that the President of the US is not only on their side, but gives millions to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terrorists while insulting England and stabbing Israel in the back. God help us.

If you have found this report disturbing, "GOOD" I pray to God that it has caused some to wake up and realize the Devil is in a full blown revival to destroy Israel and all that is good in this world. The truth is I have only slightly touched on the evil around and before us and not gone in to details; you can do your own research.

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